Peg Oliveira

Peg grew up with sports shaping her early life. Captain of her basketball and golf teams, she never lost the itch for both the discipline and freedom found in purposeful movement. Marathon-induced injuries led her to yoga. In Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga, Peg found not only the fun, flow and physical challenges of sports, but an answer to her lifelong search, beginning at a small desk in Catholic school, for an inspiring spiritual practice as well. She is grateful to yoga for the permission it gives her to fall apart fully and come back together in a new way.

Peg was originally certified as a yoga teacher at Yoga Center Amherst in Massachusetts. Peg became a certified Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga teacher in 2007, and has studied with many national teachers. She is also certified as a Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner by Saul David Raye and maintains a limited group of private yoga therapy clients. Peg’s essay “Mind Over Multitasking: What Would Buddha Do?” appeared in the collection The Culture of Efficiency, edited by Sharon Kleinman.

Peg OliveiraPeg holds a PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology. Her publications and consulting focus on child care funding and community traits that support the well-being of young children.

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Peg Oliveira
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