The Fresh Philosophy

Fresh Yoga offers a variety of yoga styles. The Fresh philosophy is find what works for you. We encourage students to go inside and feel out which styles and methods resonate with them.

Our influences include :

* Forrest Yoga www.forrestyoga.com
* Baptiste Power Yoga www.baronbaptiste.com
* OM Yoga www.omyoga.com
* Jivamukti Yoga www.jivamukti.com
* Anusara Yoga www.anusara.com
* Buddhist meditation and Tai Chi
* Ashtanga as taught by Pattabhi Jois www.kpjayi.org

All of our classes are taught by highly trained professionals with an emphasis on healthy alignment and safe yoga practice. We encourage a non-competitive attitude among our students, with a higher priority placed on internal development than outward achievement.

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Forrest Yoga

Forrest yoga was developed by Ana Forrest. It is a dynamic and mindful yoga that builds flexibility, intelligence, and strength while helping students deepen the relationship to his or her authentic self. The classes are a series of carefully constructed asanas and vinyasa designed to strip numbness from your core, help you breath and move in ways that release emotional shielding, and prevent and heal injury.

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OM Yoga

OM yoga was developed by Cindi Lee. OM yoga is a juicy blend of flowing yoga asanas informed by precise attention to alignment and supported by the relaxed wakefulness of Buddhist mindfulness meditation. The practice of OM yoga is a lively dance of awakening that leads to a deeper understanding of yourself and a more personal connection with your world.

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The "Ashtanga" practice most commonly practiced in the west today was developed by Sri K.Pattabhi Jois and his teacher Krishnamacharia. The moving system of postures is woven together in a flowing style called "vinyasa". The practice is characterized by a central emphasis on breathing, and is set up in posture series of increasing difficulty.

The first or "Primary Series" of Ashtanga is designed to purify the body of toxins and disease, increasing physical health, vitality and energy. Ashtanga is also known for being an athletic practice that develops flexibility, balance, and stamina.

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