Special Workshops with Peg Oliveira

Power Up! How to Transform Your Vanilla Flow into Power Vinyasa

Location: 9th Square
Friday April 28th 4:30 - 9:30 PM

Fee: $180

This is not about anatomy. It's not about how to cue Warrior I properly. This is about the nuance; the art and the science of teaching a transformative power vinyasa yoga practice that honors form while emphasizing fun.

We'll cover everything that makes power vinyasa unique. In an experiential and practical format we'll hit the basics like sequencing, timing, language and theming for mind, body and soul. We'll also investigate the especially delicate practice of cuing in a power vinyasa class and the tricks to balance challenge with surrender, flow with meaning and soul with spirit.

For sure some of what makes good teachers, good, is not learned. But FOR SURE some is. There are techniques, tricks and practices that make or break a good power vinyasa yoga teacher. Stop winging it, now.

The Authenticity Effect: Finding your purpose as a yoga teacher.

Location: 9th Square
Friday May 5th 4:30 - 9:30 PM

Fee: $180

At any hour, on any day, in New Haven alone, students have the option of 5-10 local yoga classes. Why should they pick yours?

In an experiential and practical format we will uncover your gifts as a yoga teacher, your personal teaching mission and your unique message. Importantly, we will learn how to communicate that message through asana and commit to manifest it in every class.

There will be no focus on the what (technique, asana or assists). This is the essential and often ignored why.

This workshop is appropriate for all yoga teachers, novice and experienced, of every style.

Pre-registration required by April 28th

About the Instructor

Peg Oliveira is a Certified Baptiste Power Vinyasa Teacher. Peg grew up with sports shaping her young life, and never lost the itch for the flow of synchronized movement. Peg was originally certified as a yoga teacher at Yoga Center Amherst in Massachusetts, and certified as a Thai Yoga Therapy Practitioner by Saul David Raye.

Peg holds a BA degree in Psychology and in English from Fairfield University and a PhD in Social and Developmental Psychology from Brandeis University.

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