Yoga Tune Up® Workshop
with Lillee Chandra

Location: Erector Square
$40, early bird 7 days prior to workshop $30

Floor Your Core!

Saturday July 22nd
10 AM - 12 PM

Do you have chronic or consistently intermittent pain or stiffness in your low back, hips or shoulders and upper back?

Or do you find that easy habits like walking, getting out of your car or up from a chair are not so easy anymore? Maybe you feel a little achy and stiff upon waking but by midday you can move like yourself again? Or perhaps you are just ready to be moved?!

In this integrative workshop, starting from the feet and moving through the pelvic and abdominal/thoracic diaphragms of the body, whole body relationships to the core, the floor, and gravity will be explored. Simple, subtle yet powerful movement and self-massage therapy will help you to discover the link between the hips and ribs and how blind spots there can create the most common standing, walking and sitting dysfunctions and pain.

Come learn to orient yourself (to the ground) differently!
All levels welcome.

This workshop is appropriate for all experience levels.

About Lillee

Lillee Chandra LMT, E-RYT is a licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Tune Up® Integrated Teacher and Anatomy Trainer. Her passion for teaching others to move well is fueled by more than 20 years of experience in competitive sports, movement arts, health education, and bodywork. She is distinguished among alternative therapy practitioners as a specialist in postural education, pain management, and injury rehabilitation. She presents at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, Pure Yoga, and YogaWorks. Lillee is currently concluding her Clinical Orthopedic Massage Therapy Certificate with Dr. Joseph Muscolino. For more information about Lillee click here!

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Lillee Chandra Lillee Chandra Lillee Chandra
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