Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Acupressure

Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Acupressure:
New Year Yin Renewal

with Jessica Libero Edwards
Sunday January 27th
6:30 - 8 PM
$19 drop-in or the use of any Fresh Yoga Class Card
All levels welcome

Yin Yoga and Traditional Chinese Acupressure: New Year Yin Renewal

Incorporate a basic knowledge of Traditional Chinese Acupressure to explore and deepen your Yin practice. Learn specific Acupressure points and meridians in each class designed to help you end 2018 peacefully and welcome 2019 joyfully. Specific yin poses will assist you along with manual therapy. You will learn how to use self-Acupressure along with receiving hands on bodywork from the teacher.

In this special yin yoga class, Jessica Libero Edwards will provide experienced Traditional Chinese Acupressure an ancient art of healing believed to be older than acupuncture. It involves the use of the fingers (and in some cases, the toes, knees, or elbows) to press key (acu)points along the energetic pathway (meridian), on the surface of the skin to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal itself. Pressing on these acupoints relieves muscle tension, which promotes the circulation of blood and qi to aid in the healing process. It is often referred to as "needleless acupuncture." Stimulating these points can trigger the release of endorphins which are chemicals produced by the body that relieve pain. When endorphins are released, the pain is blocked, and the flow of blood and oxygen to the affected area is increased. This causes the muscles to relax and promotes healing. In acupressure, as with most traditional Chinese medicine concepts, local symptoms are considered an expression of the whole body’s condition. A person with a tension headache, for instance, may actually be suffering from pain or stress in the shoulder and neck. Jessica would focus not only on relieving pain and discomfort, but removing the source of that pain and discomfort, before it develops into a more serious condition.

Acupressure can also help rebalance the body by lowering stress and tension levels and strengthening the immune system. When combined in a Yin Yoga class, optimum healing can be present.

About the Instructor

Jessica Libero Edwards, a New Haven native and Fresh Yogi, has been a yoga practitioner for over 20 years and a Master Healer and Bodyworker for over 10 years. She has studied with Ana Forrest, Paul Grilley, Josh Summers, Sean Corn, Rod Stryker, David Life, Sharon Gannon, and more) and various healers, bodyworkers, academics across the world. Jessica is a board certified massage therapist who respects science as much as intuitive energetic nature. She is a master bodyworker who utilizes various modalities such as craniosacral therapy, energy work, emotional release, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupressure, Ayurveda, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and structural realignment. She serves as a Usui Reiki Ryoho Master Lineage Holder and teaches Reiki courses.

In her private and group yoga classes, she merges her deep love and respect for and scientific knowledge of therapeutic massage and bodywork. Jessica provides attentive, compassionate hands-on assists with intuition in order to help each student heal, practice, and be in their bodies in and out of the yoga room. She weaves the intelligence and design of anatomy with the dynamic flow of breath; the vivacity and richness of therapeutic massage and Traditional Chinese Acupressure with meditation and stillness. Students are able to explore these components safely on the mat in a unique communication with Jessica. Experiences and benefits include calmness of mind, pain free living, stress reduction, improved alignment, emotional release, deeper access to joy, increased body awareness, meditative state, improved digestion, and more.

Jessica Libero Edwards is the owner of Intuitive Lotus Healing Arts which is currently based in Los Angeles, CA, but began in New Haven, CT 10 years ago. She offers private and group yoga classes, private bodywork and healing sessions, and more. As a parent of two young children, her portfolio now includes teaching mindfulness, connection, and relationship through meditation, bodywork, and healing practices and dialogue to educators, students, and parents. She often travels to visit her clients and teach classes and workshops in various US cities. Jessica is currently offering sessions in Connecticut, New York, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts during the month of November. For further information, contact 203.605.9953

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