Workshops with Denise Hopkins

Workshop with Denise Hopkins

Sunday January 6th 9:45-11:45 AM

Heart Opening and Backbending!

9:45 AM - 11:45 AM
Base Rate $19.50 / Sustaining Rate $30 / Benefactor Rate $36

denise hopkins

In this special intensive, we will explore healing moves to create space in the lower back, free up tight chest muscles, and build strength in the core. Back bending creates a higher voltage of energy in our bodies. Learn to use this energy to feel more invigorated and connect to the voice of your heart.

Forrest Yoga uses deep breathing combined with long held poses to free up physical and emotional holding patterns. Learning to breathe into pained places, changes the patterns of constriction into patterns of spaciousness. Layer by layer our shielding dissipates making way for emotions to move. Come, breathe and embark on a new journey!

All levels welcome. Modifications given for injuries and limitations.

About Denise Hopkins

Denise Hopkins, E-RYT 500, Forrest Yoga Guardian, began her yoga journey after working for 13 years in the NYC fashion industry. Yoga became her saving grace to the competitive nature of the business. After searching for a teacher training in the city, she decided to take the Forrest Yoga training based on gut instinct. It was life changing. She completed her training with founder Ana Forrest in 2005 and currently assists Ana nationally at workshops and teacher trainings.

Through FY, Denise learned the skills she needed to let go of old behavior patterns which set her up for being “walked on”. She found an inner strength which birthed new confidence, passion, and lots of feeling. In 2010 Denise partnered up with Kate Lubensky to create Yoga for Breast Cancer, a DVD created to address the needs of breast cancer battlers and survivors. It was so well received that they recently produced two more DVD’s entitled Gentle Yoga for Cancer and Yoga for Heart Health.

Denise draws from her strong sense of intuition and passion for hands-on healing. She has a knack for reading the energy of students and responding to what they need. Denise’s way of instructing is direct, clear, and inspiring. It is her desire that every student feels seen and understood. She also incorporates her work with Cranial Sacral Therapy into her hands-on assists and private sessions.

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Denise Hopkins
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