About the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training

Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training
with Heidi Sormaz and Cat Allen

March 11th - 19th, 2017

Advanced Teacher Training

The Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training is a 9-day teacher training that allows teachers from other yoga schools and lineages to join the Forrest Yoga education program to learn and understand the art of sequencing, to practice and teach intermediate and advanced asana for different levels and to prioritize the needs of students with special needs and injuries.

Eligible Participants

Yoga teachers from any yoga school or lineage with a minimum of 3 years teaching experience and graduates of the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training (no minimum years of teaching experience). Participants must have a regular personal practice and be ready to move deeper within themselves and assist their students in the discovery of the physical, emotional and spiritual benefits of yoga. We expect you to have the willingness, health and strength to commit to 100% of this teacher training. You will receive a letter of completion only upon 100% completion of the teacher training.


If you are not a graduate of the Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training, we suggest that all interested trainees get acquainted with Forrest Yoga and Ana Forrest's method of instructing by purchasing the Forrest Yoga DVD's ("Strength & Spirit" and "The Pleasure of Strength") before attending this teacher training. These products will introduce the concepts of Forrest Yoga and provide practice for the trainees in Forrest Yoga.

Application Process

To apply for a Forrest Yoga Teacher Training, click here to fill out the online application form. After you submit your application, it will be reviewed by the Forrest Yoga Teacher Training Review Board. Upon a determination by the Teacher Training Review Board, you will receive an email notifying you whether your application has been approved or denied. If your application is approved, you will be given a link to use to pay either the initial deposit or full tuition.

Training Overview

Morning Session: Meditation and Intensives
Each day starts off with a ceremony involving chanting, drumming and meditation to set the intent for the day and create the space for healing and connection to your Spirit, followed by the intensives that is a practice and an advanced asana instructional training simultaneously. The Intensives are structured such that trainees learn to work with others to gain hands on experience with spotting, assisting (to keep students safe as they learn advanced poses), up-leveling and modifying advanced arm balances, backbends, hip openers, abdominals, inversions, advanced twists and bound poses. The intensives are simultaneously a sanctuary where you can feel safe to open up, work through issues that may arise and go beyond your perceived limitations. You will learn about yourself and feel what it is like to have freedom in your body and mind. The intensives are sure to accelerate your practice as you will viscerally experience the poses that you will teach each other. Injuries and special needs are addressed so that each trainee experiences these classes as part of his or her own healing practice.

Afternoon Session: Teaching Skills
The afternoon sessions are dedicated to improving your teaching skills and working with the different injuries, abilities, and challenges your students will bring to the yoga room. You will learn to hone the following skills to:
See: Honing the "seeing" skills on anatomical and energetic levels. Trainees will learn how to overcome habitual seeing - as a yoga instructor - to better witness the whole truth of what your students are presenting in class.
Sequence: Going beyond basic sequencing by delving into the principles of teaching and healing students with specific injuries and sequencing for the setup and optimal implementation of advanced poses. Trainees will learn how to sequence a class to increase strength, openness, and intelligence in all areas of the body.
Prioritize: Learning how to address the needs and challenges of your students more efficiently starting with the issues that are of primary importance so that your students will yield the most profound results from your teaching.
Interface: Exploring issues that are frequently encountered when working with intermediate and advanced students. Trainees will learn to interact with your student and their spirit and help them form an alliance. Healing is a slow process that involves time, patience and honesty for both teacher and student. In order to address the myriad of questions that traditionally come up, Q & A forums are designed so that each trainee has the opportunity to tap into Ana's nearly 40 years of teaching experience for answers to some of the tough questions, situations and scenarios that a yoga teacher faces today. Past questions have included: specific concerns or problems trainees encounter in their teaching; their own needs in staying inspired and inspiring; developing skill in becoming creative and effective with addressing their own needs; whatever path to which the trainees' impassioned questions lead us.
Work with Special Needs and Injuries: Trainees will greatly increase their skill working with pregnancy and injuries including back, neck, shoulder, knee, sciatic and hamstring problems as well as post-surgical rehabilitation. Trainees will learn how to manage the injuries they deal with on a daily basis.

Schedule and Requirements

March 11th - 19th, 2017

8:00 - 12:30 AM Meditation and Asana Intensive; 2:30 - 5:45 PM Training

Attendance: To receive certificate: 100% attendance required at daily meditation, yoga intensives, and afternoon instruction - no exceptions.

Tuition: $2200 which includes the non-refundable deposit and the FYATT Manual.
Earlybird by February 17th, 2017: $1900

Additional Requirements:
* two yoga mats or 1 mat and 1 large blanket
* one yoga block
* one 8-foot yoga strap
* neti pot

Discounted Tuition

The following persons are eligible for a 10% discount on the Training Tuition:
- Military Personnel including Active Duty, family members, retirees and veterans. Military ID required

The following persons are eligible for a 20% discount on the Training Tuition:
- Individuals repeating the Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training
- Forrest Yoga Guardians (as listed on www.forrestyoga.com)
- Forrest Yoga Certified Teachers (as listed on www.forrestyoga.com or verified by Mossy Knolls)
- Forrest Yoga Mentorship Program current mentees and graduate mentees (to be verified with Mossy Knolls)

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About the instructors:

Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D. (Level 5 Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and Forrest Yoga Gaurdian, E-RYT 500) and Catherine Allen (Level 5 Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher, Forrest Yoga Guardian, E-RYT 500) have each assisted Ana Forrest in numerous teacher trainings and national workshops across the country. Heidi and Cat were the 1st Forrest Yoga teachers authorized by Ana Forrest to teach the 200-hour Forrest Yoga Foundation Teacher Training and 9-day Forrest Yoga Advanced Teacher Training. They both travel around the country teaching workshops and participating in conferences. You can find Heidi's live classes on StudioLiveTV.com and Cat's on Mat2Mat.com

More information on Heidi Sormaz, Ph.D. click here!

More information on Catherine Allen click here!

Coming from out of town? Click here for directions and local accomodations.

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