Susan Thibeault

Sue initially started yoga for its physical benefits but soon found that it became a pillar for her own personal recovery. Since then her yoga practice has been key to helping her mend and unify her mind, body and spirit. Sue enjoys different styles of yoga and encourages exploration to find what truly resonates.

Sue completed her teacher training as a way to deepen her personal practice but felt compelled to share the gifts that she has received with others in need of a healing path. Sue is a Certified Forrest Yoga teacher, RYT 200 hour and a Yoga 12-Step Recovery Leader. Her classes are focused on tuning in to the breath, exploration of feeling in the body and are tailored to include benefits for all experience levels.

In addition to her yoga training, Sue has her Masters in Biological Sciences specializing in anesthesia and immunology, Masters in Business Administration and Bachelors of Science in Nursing. She is a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist at Yale New Haven Hospital and a sought after speaker educating healthcare providers nationwide to improve patient safety.

Sue is passionate about parrot welfare; she is on the Board of Directors for Connecticut Parrot Rescue and fosters parrots while helping them find their forever homes. She and her fiancé John share their home with their beloved family of cockatoos, macaws and Pearl the black lab.

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