Shoba Narayana

Hi! I’m Shoba and I love sharing yoga with anyone and everyone who wishes to learn. My philosophy is: If you can breathe, you can practice yoga.

I was introduced to yoga at a young age when I was visiting my grandparents in India. As I grew up, I forgot about these teachings and I became distracted with the rat race of life. Stepping back into a class four years ago reminded me of the simplicity, beauty and sense of wonder that can be inspired through yoga. This experience encouraged me to complete a 200 hour yoga teacher training program with Daniel Orlansky and Liz Owen. Off the mat, I also use this practice in my work as a community health nurse and a midwife.

To me, yoga is a way to center and ground myself. It is a way to bring some lightness and awareness into my daily life and I believe it is medicine for alleviating stress. My intention is to create a safe space to explore the connection between mind, body and breath. The style of yoga I teach emphasizes slow, mindful movement. My class is welcome to everyone, particularly those who are new to the practice.

I hope to see you in the studio!

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Shoba Narayana
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