Emma Shansky

Emma Shansky began practicing yoga as a means to cope with the stress of graduate school. She found the physical challenge of yoga to be a welcome distraction from long hours of studying and collecting data in the chemistry lab. Having been a dancer all her life, she discovered that this "distraction" was, in fact, a passion for movement that she had held her entire life. This discovery led her to quit school and chemistry altogether to begin performing and teaching dance again, as well as becoming a certified Pilates and Yoga instructor. She now has a new career teaching dance, Pilates, and Yoga and loves to find creative ways to blend these methods. She has not set foot in a laboratory since and has never been happier.

emma shanskyEmma teaches Sridaiva or Bow-Spring Yoga: The bow-spring template refers to a dynamic neutral alignment of the spine. This postural template can be applied to yoga, dance, athletics, and functional everyday movements to optimize the health of the whole body. Using the bow-spring, students will improve their ability to perform static balancing postures, flowing sequences, jumps, arm balances, and inversions. Students will learn to mindfully challenge their physical strength and flexibility from the tips of the toes to the pads of the fingers, as well as re-condition their movement patterns.

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emma shansky
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