Doreen Dressel

For 30 years, Doreen Dressel taught and developed fitness programs. She realized the power of yoga after just one weekend yoga training program. After exploring different styles of yoga, practicing with a variety of teachers, and developing a personal practice, she was introduced to Forrest Yoga at through Heidi Sormaz at Fresh Yoga.

As an educator, Doreen was intrigued and impressed with the Forrest Yoga methodology, attention to detail and respect for the teaching and learning process. Doreen is former gymnast, gymnastic coach, triathelete, marathon runner, and swimmer, and currently competes in ballroom dancing. She loves the physical challenge of Forrest Yoga. Beyond the physical challenge, she was fascinated with the emotional and spiritual changes that began to evolve as a result of her yoga practice. Forrest Yoga helped her survive the depression and anxiety associated with the end of a 30-year marriage and subsequent divorce.

Doreen Dressel"Forrest yoga gave me the courage and skills to feel again after being numb and afraid for such a long time. I hope to inspire others through my teaching to reconnect with their inner joy. Life after a significant life trauma can be better. It is a process - breath by breath. I invite you to join me on my journey."

Doreen's classes are physically challenging but accessible, personal, fun. They invite exploration of breath, your edges and practicing in a way that infuses joy in your cell tissue.

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Doreen Dressel
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